Updated:  June 04, 2008


We're happy to present to you the 'definitive' book check list for all three of the Hardy Boys' series!

Please note this is quite big - but it's a downloadable doc file.

If you need it to be sent to you in another format, please ask on the message board and I'll see about converting it and posting it here.

The book list was put together by JD (with help from Skywarp and Bob Finnan's sites) - and I think she deserves a double thumbs-up for doing a great job.

How you use the checklist is up to you - and so is whether or not you want to copy it.

Here's the link!



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The Hardy Boys belong to Simon and Schuster and the Stratemeyer Foundation. The authors have just borrowed them for an adventure or two. The authors promise to put the boys back when they are done with them. The authors do claim copyright to the original characters in this story. Please do not borrow original characters without express permission of the authors.