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by Aspen & Evergreen

hardy boys fan fiction


Frank Hardy

Nineteen-year-old Frank is now a sophomore at Bayport Community College, where he is pursuing studies in Criminal Justice and Criminal Investigation in preparation for a career as a private investigator.  Tall, dark and handsome as ever, Frank has found life after high school even more exciting than ever before, now that Megan Wright has appeared.

Joe Hardy

Eighteen now, and a freshman at Bayport Community College, Joe is anticipating an eventual degree, and a career with Hardy and Sons Investigations.  Blonde and blue-eyed, Joe is still an impetuous tease, but his heart truly belongs to Vanessa Bender.

Laura Hardy

Petite and lovely, blonde and blue-eyed like her younger son, Laura continues to grace the Hardy household with her calming presence; offering wit, humor, common sense and unmitigated love to the three Hardy men.

Fenton Hardy

A crack private investigator, internationally famous for his crime-solving abilities, Fenton is an older version of his son Frank, being tall, dark, and good-looking. He is proud of his sons’ sleuthing abilities, and is beginning to look forward to them sharing the same career. Although he can appear aloof and withdrawn at times, Fenton loves and cherishes his family dearly.

Vanessa Bender

Joe’s tall, blonde girlfriend, whose intelligence and expertise with computers and graphics is highly appreciated by her friends.  Cool and witty, as quick with a wisecrack as Joe himself, Vanessa finds her life more and more inextricably intertwined with the younger Hardy – and she’s not objecting!  

Megan Wright

Megan is a 5’2” redhead with a winning smile and beautiful turquoise-blue eyes, whom Frank meets his first week of college.  She first approached the Hardys for help in solving a suspected murder – that of her father.  However, the attraction between Megan and Frank Hardy was immediate, and a business relationship rapidly became an emotional attachment; she and Frank became a solid “couple” in short order.  Intelligent, with a warm, gentle personality, Megan brings out the lover in Frank like no other girl has been able to do. 

Jack Wayne

First Fenton's private pilot, now the owner of Wayne's World Air Courier and Cargo Service, Jack is in his mid-twenties, and is tall and lean, with dark hair and eyes. He is the guardian for his younger sister, April.

Michael and Erica Ranson: 

The Ransons are a young couple whom the Hardys met at Lake Tahoe, and who have now come to Bayport on business.  Michael is in his early 30’s, and is tall and muscular, with dark hair and blue eyes.  Erica, his bride of a short while, is a fragile-looking blonde about 23 years old.

Danielle Tanner

According to Frank, Dani Tanner is ‘the most gorgeous firefighter in the state of New York,’ and she loves her work – but sometimes she regrets the time constraints and strictures it puts on her life.  Good friends with the Hardy boys, and especially close to Frank, Dani is strikingly beautiful, with glossy black hair and dark eyes – but she is sometimes very lonely.

Con Riley: 

A detective on the Bayport City Police force, Con has been a good friend to the Hardy family, again and again.  Slightly under six feet tall, and sturdily built, late-30’s Con has dark hair and blue eyes.

Kirk Moncrief

Kirk Moncrief is an intense, highly intelligent college student with a sardonic sense of humor and an interest in science and the environment.  He shares classes with Megan, for whom he holds a secret admiration.


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The Hardy Boys belong to Simon and Schuster and the Stratemeyer Foundation. The Hardy Boys Fan Fiction authors of the Hardy Detective Agency have just borrowed them for an adventure or two. The authors promise to put the boys back when they are done with them. The authors do claim copyright to the original characters in this story. Please do not borrow original characters without express permission of the authors.