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The How-to and RULES!

hardy boys nancy drew fan fiction  hardy boys hardy boys hardy boys fan fiction hardy boys hardy boys hardy boys fan fiction hardy boys nancy drew  fan fiction
June 02, 2008


  • THE HDA EMAIL ADDRESS IS: hdafanfiction@yahoo.com

  • Go to the following URL: http://www.hardydetectiveagency.com/forum

  • Select "Register" 

  • Enter your birthday.

  • READ THE USERS AGREEMENT!  Agree to the user's agreement.  Put a check in the check box and select 'register'.

  • You will now find yourself faced with a form to complete. Don’t worry about the personal stuff, you can lie (everyone else has LOL). None of it shows up to any of the users, not even your email address (but you will have to put in a genuine email address). Only the administrators can see this information and we don't go perusing for our own jollies. 

  • Select "Complete Registration" at the bottom

  • You will get a message about needing to go to email to validate your registration.  THIS CURRENTLY IS NOT WORKING - see next point.

  • Please note - we've been having problems with the email validation system.  Please send a Private Message from your account (after you log-in) to Rokia or Dawn and we will change your membership from 'awaiting validation' to 'registered member' so you can access all applicable areas of the board.  If you need to email us email us at hdafanfiction@yahoo.com

  • Click on log in, and do just that…log in that is (the log in part is on the top right-hand corner. When you’ve done that, you should be able to peruse the board as you wish.

  • Make sure you go into your profile, located under "usercp" and tell us a little about yourself.  NEVER reveal personal info like address or phone number!

  • Congratulations, you are here! Explore and have fun!!!!

Things to know about the Message Board & the rules. 

·         HDA = hardydetectiveagency.com


Advertising & Solicitation

Leaving posts on the message board purely for the purpose of directing members to your own website without permission is frowned upon. If you run a similarly minded site and wish to become a ‘sister site’ with the HDA, please contact the site’s administration team with your request via: hdafanfiction@yahoo.com. If it is agreed, it will then be acceptable for you to announce updates to your site etc – and visa-versa. If you have not approached us to become a ‘sister site’ and you Spam advertise via the Private Message system, your membership will be terminated.  

Banned Members

If you receive a ban, creating an alternative username and logging into the boards to continue to post will only result in a permanent ban, and the new username will be permanently removed. 

Chapter/Story Feedback

Please do consider giving the authors positive feedback after reading a chapter. Although this is not mandatory, it is always nice for the authors to receive a little thank you afterwards. Many of our writers spend sometimes years writing their stories and they will put their hearts and souls into them, so it is a great shame not to receive encouragement. Feedback is to be provided in the “Talk About The Stories (Here)” thread and is a place for positive feedback only. Guests are able to provide feedback via the following email address: hdafeedback@yahoo.com. It is strictly forbidden to use this as a forum to post negative feedback in the guise of ‘critiquing’ (see “Critiquing Chapters/Stories”, below). Such posts are immediately edited or deleted and could result in a ban. 

Critiquing Stories

Not all our authors wish to have their stories or chapters critiqued. Indeed, the larger majority of HDA writers feel they write purely as a hobby, for fun, to relax and ultimately entertain – very few wish to make any sort of monetary gain from their penmanship or wish to ‘turn professional’. Therefore, usually, we do not encourage critiquing at the HDA unless the authors themselves expressly request this. If an author DOES wish to have his/her story critiqued and has requested this in writing, then you may post this under “The Art of Positive Critiques” thread. Please bear in mind that your critique should consist of constructive criticism and not destructive criticism. Any comments that have been posted simply to cause offence will be immediately edited or deleted and could result in a ban.  

Harassment/Threatening Behaviour/Flaming & Bashing

We operate a zero tolerance policy to hate posts, harassment, threats, stalking and personal attacks on the message board or via the private message system. Talking trash about other users, or posting topics simply to provoke a negative response from an individual, a group, or an entire community is not acceptable. These posts will be deleted and will result in a ban. If you receive a private message or an email from another user that makes you feel uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to forward it to one of the staff members immediately, even if you do not wish any action to be taken. We would rather be aware of any problems in advance then allow them to build up until we reach the fire-fighting stage. Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself. 

Identity Theft


You may not impersonate another board member or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking other users – this will be viewed as harassment and could result in a ban. Also, accessing or using someone else’s account or attempting to access another poster’s account is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of your membership.

Off-Topic Posts

Let’s be clear - you won’t get banned for an off-topic post on the HDA, in fact, that’s half the fun. But you may not go off-topic when commenting on stories in the “Talk About The Stories (Here)” thread as this causes disappointment to an author if they visit the message board only to find that two out of the three ‘feedbacks’ left are off-topic. Off-topic posts in this thread may be moved or deleted, and further action may be taken against repeat offenders if that person is purposefully causing a nuisance. However, moderators will always bear in mind that is natural for posts to go slightly off topic at times, as would normal conversation, but please try not to let it spoil the flow of the debate. 

Pornography & Sexually Explicit Content

Absolutely no forms of pornography or overly sexually suggestive imagery are allowed. This includes links and/or posting a name of a porn site. Descriptive sexually explicit posting is also unacceptable. Please remember that the Hardy Boys are children’s books characters and you wouldn’t expect to see pornography advertised on the back pages of them! Plus, there is an expectation that children may be visiting the message board in order to view the messages and stories, even if they are not registered members. 


Posting personal/identifying data about another user/person is strictly prohibited. This includes such things as full names, addresses, phone numbers etc. We discourage users from posting such information even about themselves, as we cannot control how that information may be used beyond the message board. Be smart and use common sense, posting this type of information about yourself is done at your own risk. 


Offensive language is unacceptable and is automatically edited by the filter system - a moderator will delete any words that may slip through immediately. Be careful when quoting outside sources, as you are responsible for your own post and everything inside it. When linking to external sites that contain profanity, please post a clear warning in the body of your message. Note that as thread titles are more visible than thread content, they are held to a higher standard. As before, please remember that Hardy Boys are children’s’ books characters and there is an expectation that children are visiting the message board in order to view the messages and stories, even if they are not registered members. 


The HDA will not tolerate hate speech in any form. This includes but is not limited to racist slang terms, hateful comments based on skin colour or background, religious bashing or intolerance, gay bashing, sexist or misogynistic material, faith based prejudicial statements, derogatory remarks, and all poor jokes about these topics. Remember, the HDA is open to all walks of life and with that comes the need to respect them all. So leave your hatred and weapons at the door please.  

Risks to Participation

In the message board and while sending private messages, you take responsibility for posting under your username and use the information provided here at your own risk. The HDA takes no responsibility for the content or opinions posted on the message board.  


Spamming the HDA message board is highly frowned upon. Spamming includes: chain letters, merely posting an icon, continually leaving two-word ‘I agree or ‘me too’ type responses, bumping old topics for no good reason, continually posting the same topic, posting the same question across several messages threads and using the Quote feature without contributing anything new to a thread. However, spamming is acceptable and expected in the following gaming threads: “Color Wheel”, “The Last Letter Game”, “Rhythm and Rhyme” and “Word Association Game”. 


Be considerate of other users who may not have seen a movie, seen a TV show or read a book that you’re talking about. Our members are from all over the world, and if you talk about a TV show, you may find that those members will not see it themselves for another two months after, so be mindful. Don’t give away spoilers in subject lines that everyone can read. Simply type ‘Spoiler Warning’ before any text so that a reader can come to an informed decision on whether or not to read on - or you may choose to use the spoiler button function which then requires the reader to click on it before the entire message is revealed. 


The HDA acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their opinions, however, if you are seen to be posting purposely to evoke anger, negativity or argument on the board, you will be banned for trolling and/or flaming. Sometimes it is wiser to agree to disagree then to continue an unending argument. Any message threads of this type will be frozen and the guilty party(s) may receive a warning or a ban. 


Choose your username carefully. Please do not choose a name that could be construed as offensive, to suggest illegal activities or that are meant to imitate others. Any such names will be blocked from posting on the message board. If you wish to change your username at any point, please contact a member of the HDA staff who will be happy to do this for you – there is no need to set up a new account and lose your message tally and reputation points. If you do change your username, please announce this on the message board to keep members informed. 

Final Word

This is a public board, so act like you would if you were in a public place. Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete posts based on their knowledge of users and HDA policies. These issues are left to the discretion of the individual moderators, but may include any material that is knowingly false, and/or defamatory, misleading, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, racist, sexist, profane, sexually orientated, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy or that otherwise violates any law or encourages conduct constituting a criminal offence. 

We receive many posts each day to the message board and we cannot therefore promise you’ll receive an explanation every time a message is edited or deleted, but we will try out hardest to play fair, and we expect you to. 

Please remember that the staff members of this site are providing their services purely on a voluntary basis and do not profit from their efforts – they do so solely for the love of it and in their own free time. So please treat them with respect and understand that they sometimes have a very difficult job to do. So if one of your messages is edited, moved or deleted and you wish to know why, by all means make enquiries, but please do not attempt to begin a flame war/argument with that person if you do not agree with their point of view. 

As a final word – please also bear in mind that this website and message board is a privately owned and paid for facility. Therefore, the usual ‘freedom of speech’ rules do not apply here. Take the attitude that you are visiting someone else’s home and have to therefore follow their rules. 

Happy talking!

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The Hardy Boys belong to Simon and Schuster and the Stratemeyer Foundation. The Hardy Boys Fan Fiction authors of the Hardy Detective Agency have just borrowed them for an adventure or two. The authors promise to put the boys back when they are done with them. The authors do claim copyright to the original characters in this story. Please do not borrow original characters without express permission of the authors.