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Updated:  April 03, 2010

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All Authors are required to refer to this page when sending in stories to the Hardy Detective Agency.

A. We accept stories of the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew or other teen detectives.
B. We also accept original characters influenced by the Hardy Boys or other teen detectives (as depicted, for example, in the Wildcat Ghostwriter stories or Joseph Arendt's stories), along with other original characters (preferably detectives and/or crime fighters.)

A. Stories that depict graphic or gratuitous sex scenes.
B. Stories that depict extreme, graphic violence.
C. Any ‘Slash’ stories.
D. Stories that portray/depict the Hardys as criminals or other than generally law-abiding individuals (this includes the Hardy Boys parents and their Aunt, Gertrude). The occasional breaking and entering, speeding, as is committed in the course of solving a crime is not considered to be overly criminal activity. (In other words, no more than what they would have committed in the original books, the Digests, the Casefiles, Clues Brothers or Undercover Brothers books).
E. Any stories where any of the Hardys are permanently killed or are dead at the end (this includes the Hardy Boys, their parents and Aunt Gertrude).

A. All contests sponsored by the HDA are subject to separate guidelines that are posted prior to each contest.

IV. NEW AUTHORS - The Hardy Detective Agency is currently accepting stories by new authors, subject to the following guideline.
a. All new authors must either send in their whole story (if it is eight chapters or less) or the first eight chapters of their story to the Hardy Detective Agency so that it can be read over by the HDA staff to be considered for suitability - please note that, if we originally accept the first 8 chapters of your story and later on discover that your story includes items which would make it unsuitable, your story will be pulled from posting and held until all unsuitable items are removed.

V. STORY FORMATTING – Please note, ALL stories, whether from new authors or old, must be formatted correctly to be posted. If they are not formatted correctly your story will be returned to you until corrections are made.
A. Please send in your story as a word document (.doc), .wps or .rtf file. (These are the ONLY formats we will accept.)
B. Do NOT send in any of your story (or the introduction) in the body of your email. We will not accept them.
C. Send each chapter in separate document files – do not send them all in the same document. Please include a separate document file for your story introduction.
D. On the header of each chapter you send in please include the Story Title, Chapter Number, Author and E-mail address (not just within the e-mail itself.)
E. Make sure chapters are labeled as above (point D). Also, when you save the chapter, please save it as storytitle1.doc, storytitle2.doc, storytitle3.doc (etc).
F. At the Hardy Detective Agency, grammar and spelling count. This includes correct punctuation. When in doubt, please make use of a beta-reader – you can ask for one on the message board. Please note that any agreement you reach with a beta-reader is a private agreement between yourselves.
G. All stories MUST be formatted in ARIAL 14-PT. Let us know if you have special formatting needs such as special fonts within the chapter, tables or graphics. Clearly mark where the special formatting begins and ends with a font color change. If we have any questions, we will contact you for clarification before we make any changes. Please remember that not all browsers support all fonts so if you require special fonts, ask. If you need a special font like a script or handwritten font please let us know. We will recommend fonts which can be used.
H. Please do not use 'full justify'.  Primarily use only left justify - unless you have a specific section that you think should be centered.  Please let the staff know when you send in your story if you have any areas that need to be centered.

I. PARAGRAPH FORMATTING – DO NOT INDENT PARAGRAPHS!  Microsoft Word and Microsoft Works both allow you to format your paragraphs. For Microsoft Word the instructions are: Select Format, Select Paragraph. In the area known as Spacing beside ‘After’ hit the down area so it reads ‘Auto.’ For Microsoft works the instructions are: Select Format, Select Paragraph, Select the Spacing TAB. Beside Lines After select ‘1’ and then okay. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT STORIES THAT ARE NOT FORMATTED CORRECTLY FOR PARAGRAPHS.
J. Each Story must have a unique title so please check the titles pages before you finally settle on a name to make sure it’s not already in use.

VI. the Introduction Page – Following is the required information for each story’s introduction page (and, yes, this includes Contest Stories)


• Author's Name (This would be your name or whatever pen name you want to use)
• Title of Story - (self-explanatory)
• Type of Story: The types are:
Blue Spine - (the original, old Hardy Boys stories).
Digests - (post Blue-Spine, pre-Casefile large-size stories where Joe is still with Iola and not Vanessa).
Casefiles - (the novel-sized stories no longer in print - please note that Joe should not be with Iola in these stories as she was killed in the first casefile).

Clues Brothers/Youth - (as with the Clues Brothers stories, any stories that include ‘young’ Hardys).
Undercover Brothers - (the current soft-back large size stories featuring the Hardys as members of the ATAC).
Alternate Universe - (the Hardy Boys but, for example, in a different setting, or older Hardy Brothers, or with another sibling, or without a parent, or with just one of them...).
Hardy-Drew - (any stories that feature both the HB and Nancy Drew however little or however much. If they are both in at all, it’s an HD story!).
Holiday - (stories that take place around a Holiday, ie, Halloween, Christmas, etc)

Parody - Parody - (A satirical imitation of a Hardy Boy canon style story - not to be confused with straight humor, which a lot of authors include in their stories).
Crossover - (crossovers with any other genre of fiction, television show, movie, etc. This category does NOT include Nancy Drew crossovers).
Original Character - (stories of your own non-Hardy but Hardy-inspired characters)
Rating of Story: - Please Note, our rating system has changed!
· C – Fan Rated Appropriate for Children (MPAA Equivalent G/General).
· P – Fan Rated Appropriate for Pre-Teens (MPAA Equivalent PG/Parental Guidance Accepted).
· T – Fan Rated Appropriate For Early Teens (MPAA Equivalent PG-13).
· O – Fan-Rated Appropriate for Older Teens (no MPAA Equivalent – former HDA equivalent = PG-15).
· M – Fan-Rated Appropriate for Mature Audiences Only. (MPAA Equivalent = R).
• Characters in Story: [Frank (F), Joe (J) , Fenton (Fe), Laura (L), Chet (Ch), Biff (Bi), Tony (To), Phil (Ph), Jerry Je), Vanessa (V), Callie (Ca), Iola (I) Original Characters {all will be listed as OC together, not separately}]
• Warnings: Violence, innuendo, adult situations, profanity
• Date Story Posted: (The month and year your story is posted on the HDA - to be filled in by staff)
• Plot Blurb: This is your chance to write the blurb on the back of your 'book'.

• Splash Page: You have the option of posting your most exciting paragraph, or a scene that you feel will 'lure people in,' (like the splash page inside of or on the back of a book).
• Special Notes: Anything else you want readers to know.

Here is an example:

Author's Name: Wintersrose

Title of Story: Walking into Darkness

Type of Story: Alternate Universe

Rating of Story: T

Date Story Posted: February, 2002

Characters in Story: F, J, Fe, L, Ch, V, OCs o’ plenty

Warnings: violence, major injury to a main character

Plot Blurb: The Hardys are starting their second year of college at Bayport University - with the usual lack of a peaceful life that they always experience.

Splash Page: "Just as Frank bent over it, however, the object on the floor, a small cylinder about five inches in diameter, shot out a puff of white powder at him. He knelt, bewildered, for a moment before the world began to whirl in a fast circle around him and then, the darkness grabbed him and he toppled over sideways on the floor."

Special Notes: Winterrose's stories take place while the Hardys are in college. Joe has a twin sister (Mandy) and most of the other characters are original except for Fenton, Laura, Chet, Vanessa and, of course, the boys. You might want to read the write-up she has on her world with her stories.

And here is a blank template

Author's Name:

Title of Story:

Type of Story:

Rating of Story:

Characters in Story:


Date Story Posted:

Plot Blurb:

Splash Page:

Special Notes:

VII. Send all stories and chapters to: hdafanfiction@yahoo.com

VIII. Questions? Send them to: hdafanfiction@yahoo.com or ask on the message board at http://www.hardydetectiveagency.com/forum








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The Hardy Boys belong to Simon and Schuster and the Stratemeyer Foundation. The Hardy Boys Fan Fiction authors of the Hardy Detective Agency have just borrowed them for an adventure or two. The authors promise to put the boys back when they are done with them. The authors do claim copyright to the original characters in this story. Please do not borrow original characters without express permission of the authors.

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