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by Wintersrose

hardy boys fan fiction


Frank Richard Hardy

Frank is twenty-years-old and majors in Criminology and Law Enforcement/Computer Science.  Living on campus with his roommate and best friend, Connor MacKenzie, Frank is still finding time even with his busy schedule to solve a mystery or four.  In my version of the things, Frank had leukemia when he was fifteen and missed nearly a whole year of school - as a result he is in the same grade as his brother, Joe. Frank was blinded in the story "Walking into Darkness" and is learning to cope with his disability. Frank is still charming, intelligent, and very much in love with his new girlfriend, Samantha Ellington.

Joseph David Hardy

 Joe is nineteen-years-old and majors in Criminology and Law Enforcement.  Joe also lives on campus with freshman roommate Eric Roberts and is one of the stars of the Bayport University Knights Football Team.  Joe is still out-going, handsome and much the ladies man - or he would be a lady's man if he weren't so devoted to his girlfriend, Vanessa Bender. Joe was thrown a major curveball when his brother was blinded - but as always, he handles the new challenge with class. Joe has a twin sister, Mandy, with whom he is quite close.

Amanda Nicole Hardy

Mandy is also nineteen years old and majors in Art at Bayport University.  Mandy, as she's called by her friends, lives in Eldridge hall with her roommate, Elizabeth.  A spitfire who doesn't usually take no for an answer and who has ways of getting her own way, Mandy is intelligent and devoted to her twin brother, Joe and to her family.  Mandy has a boyfriend, Connor MacKenzie, whom she's met since she came into college.  Most wise people try not to get on the bad side of Mandy's temper...

Fenton Hardy

Fenton is the husband of Laura and the father of Frank, Joe and Mandy and works, still, as a detective and investigator, sometimes taking cases on the other side of the world if that's who hires him.  Fenton is a top-notch investigator and is extremely capable of doing what he has to if it means protecting his family.  Very intelligent, Fenton has the ability to 'profile' cases as they happen.  

Laura Hardy

Laura is the wife of Fenton and the mother of Frank, Joe and Mandy.  Laura is a devoted wife and mother - but that's not the end-all be-all of her life.  She is currently working with Andrea Bender in her animation studio, doing accounting as well as taking part in many good causes about Bayport.  Laura inherited a sizable chunk of money when her father passed away - but the Hardys, for the most part, live off of Fenton's income.

Connor Alexander MacKenzie

Connor is a twenty-one year old college junior who majors in Chemistry.  Connor, the star and quarterback of the Bayport University football team, dates Mandy Hardy and is roommates with her older brother, Frank.  Connor is laid back, easy-going and usually doesn't let things get to him - including Mandy's temper.  Connor is tall, nearly six foot, four inches and a very devoted friend.

Samantha Lindsay Ellington

Samantha is a twenty-year-old college junior who majors in law.  Sam, who met Frank during her sophomore year, has been dating him ever since.  Samantha is intelligent, beautiful and very much in love with Frank.  She's quietly supportive and lends a hand whenever she can.  Samantha also lives in Eldridge Hall with her roommate, Kaitlyn Matthews.

Vanessa Diane Bender

Vanessa is a nineteen-year-old college sophomore who is majoring in Computer Science and Graphical Art at Bayport University.  Vanessa, who has been dating Joe since early into their senior year, is devoted to him.  A constant go-to person when it comes to computer savvy, Vanessa is always willing to lend a hand in the Hardy's investigations.  She considers Mandy Hardy and Samantha Ellington to be her best friends.  Vanessa is perky, generous and out-going and not usually intimidated by anyone.

Chester Alan Morton

Chet is nineteen years old and the Hardys oldest friend.  As usual with his life, Chet can't quite figure out what he wants to do and is onto his fourth major (this time Political Science).  Chet is still playing center on the football team and still a devoted friend to the Hardys.  Chet's luck has changed, however, in the form of a girlfriend, Kaitlyn Matthews, whom he met in Australia.

Kaitlyn Matthews

 Kaitlyn is an eighteen-year-old college freshman who just moved to the states from Australia so that she could attend Bayport University.  Kaitlyn, who met Chet when he was in Australia for the Olympics, is dating him.  Kaitlyn is shy but sweet and is learning about life in the States - and in being the friend of a friend of the Hardys.

Jackson Royce Maidlin

 Maidlin, always called Maidlin, (usually in tones of disdain) is nineteen going on twelve.  Nobody is sure what he majors in, because he tends to never be IN class, that anyone can tell.  Jackson is the Tauhausen Hall resident prankster - in fact, he considers it his mission to make the lives of everyone in Tauhausen brighter and happier whenever he can.  People usually turn the other way when they see him coming...

Michael Freedman

Michael is twenty-one years-old and serves as the Tauhausen Hall Resident Assistant - much to his disdain he has found that he not only has Maidlin to contend with but also the brothers Hardy, who seem to attract too much trouble and attention for Michael's well-being.  Michael majors in accounting and makes friends easily - when he lets his guard down that is.  He would be much happier if the Hardys (and Maidlin) would move back home...

Jason (Jase Aleman) Rich

 Jase is the son of Malachi Rich and a student at Bayport University.  Friends with Michael Friedman, Jase seems to have a quirky, fun, personality and makes friends easily - but he hides a dark side of his personality - and a particular grudge against the brothers and sister Hardy...

Anna Phillips

Anna is a sophomore at Bayport University.  Seemingly shy and quiet, she is often seen wearing a sweater of some sort (except on picture day of course) and talking a mile a minute, supposedly to hide her nervousness.  Anna seems to have a major crush on Joe Hardy - at least that's what it seems like until she's able to help Jason capture the pair of them - then suddenly the true object of her desire is made known - Frank.  Anna is not connecting on all gears - in fact - she's downright scary...

Thomas Pankovic

Thomas is, well, not a nice guy, as you can tell by the expression on his face (he says his resemblance to 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin is strictly coincidental - and if you ask him about it you might make him angry...).  Pankovic used to work with Doctor Rich in the army and has spent time in jail.  His latest feats have been to cause considerable amount of trouble to the Hardy Boys - especially Joe.  Joe would like to meet this guy in a dark alley sometime and give him what-for... well... maybe.  



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